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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Meal Planning App

The clouds have parted and the angels are singing.  I have found my meal planning solution.

I'm in Phase 2 of FitOrbit.  The goal is to train for a half marathon (October) and get from 143 to 135.  The meals are legit. They will work and I will lose weight.  However, some times they are very monotonous.  Let's face it. I only have 8 pounds to lose and I don't plan to eat stuff I don't want to for 11 weeks.  I should have some flexibility at this point.  So, I started to take the FitOrbit meal plans, pick out the meals/snacks that I like, and replace the rest with Clean Eating magazine suggestions.  I don't recommend this to people needing to lose major weight.  This is advance shit.  Sorry, but it's true.  I know what I'm doing.

The point is, I want a place where I can keep FitOrbit recipes in my back pocket (for life). I also want a place to keep Clean Eating recipes in my back pocket (for life). As well as other smoothie, snack, and meal recipes that I find on Pinterest, blogs, and other places.  Enter Food on the Table.

Candice introduced me to this app a couple of years ago because it has a recipe database where you can search by protein or flavors and it will generate a list of suggestions.  If you select a meal, you can put it on the "Meal Plan" and it will automatically generate a grocery list.  Even better... you can program in your local grocery store and the app will detect current sales on items that appear on your list.  You can compare Dillon's and HyVee prices within the app if you program both in.  Amazing.  I used it for a while and then stopped for a reason I can't remember.

Anyway, I am faced with the dilemma mentioned above about meal planning.  I had forgotten all about Food on the Table.  I searched "meal planning" in the App Store.  Food on the Table popped up.  Alright, let's see.  I discovered I can enter in my own recipes.  I discovered I can schedule multiple meals per day.  It all immediately enters into a grocery list.  It streamlines everything I have been going in my head and on scratch pieces of paper for MONTHS. Perfect. Done.

But wait.

I entered in 7 meals and then an error message popped up.  I must upgrade to plan more than 7 meals per week.  Enter the problem with American food.  We only plan for dinner?!  What about a variety of breakfasts? What about lunches? Don't even get me started on the need for snacks.  So, this isn't working for me.  I emailed support at Food on the Table and they said that if I pay for premium, I can enter an unlimited number of recipes and plan an unlimited number of meals per week.

So I researched it.  If I pay $70 per year ($5.83 per month), I can have my ideal meal planning software.  For me, this really is worth it.  Meal planning is a huge part of my new life and if I can save time and energy via an app that costs $6 per month, I'm going to buy it.

So, I use Food on the Table.  Do you guys have an app or website that you use?

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  1. Hi Chelsea! Glad to have stumbled upon your blog! I was wondering if you feature guest postings. Thanks and have a great day!