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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Phase 2 Update

I just finished Week 2. At the end of Week 1, I hit 140 on the scale.  And I hadn't been taking my nutrition that seriously.  The monotony of the meals was killer.  I was happy with the pounds lost.

This week has been dumb.  I have been taking my meal plans as a guideline and not a rule.  This does not equal success.  I am aware. I need to get focused.  My workouts have been 1.5-2 hours long.  Jaqui has me doing half marathon training plus a ridiculously crazy weights workout for amazon women.  I messaged her that I can't deal.  I'm not trying to be Barbie.  I'm just trying to be toned and get my run on. The plan she sent me for Week 3 looks better.  I'm in and out in an hour.

Oh, and my left knee hurts.  It's swollen. It pops. It's painful. I can run, but it's on the cusp of a strain.  I'm treating it very carefully.  I'm terrified of injury, but I want to work out! Ugh.

SO.................... I just weighed in and the scale said 137.8.  The moral of that story? I'm still eating clean and I'm a professional, so I just naturally know how much to eat and still lose weight even though I'm not counting calories.  Expert. Level. :)

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  1. Chelsea, I'm happy to see a post up regarding phase 2. I'm in a similar situation. I'm happy with what I weigh, but I'm challenging myself to lose 4 more pounds (sounds dumb, but I've never weighed that little as an adult). So, your posts serve as great motivation!