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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Day 2: Educate You on Something

I would love to be able to write about softball in some way. Everything I can think to explain would really be most appropriate to explain using pictures. No one in sports learns how to hit a ball by reading a pamphlet.  So, I'll do something grammar related. I get pretty fired up about this one. I don't mean to sound condescending, but I can't express my frustration without sounding like a know-it-all. So screw it. Put your big-girl panties on and read!

Please learn how to use (OR NOT USE) the apostrophe. It's driving me insane.  Businesses are using social media more and more to advertise and communicate with consumers. That means that any yahoo who doesn't know how to write using correct standard grammar can get online and post messages that make the business look ridiculously stupid. Stop it. It's not a hard rule to learn. Seriously. There are much harder things to figure out.  Oh ,and it's not just social media. Every single time I go to the YMCA, I have to look at a HUGE poster that says:

Thank you to the Bennett's for their donation.

REALLY!? It's a huge poster!! You are in the SIGN business!! Learn how to use (OR NOT USE) and apostrophe!!!

Another favorite is at On the Border. One page of the menu reads:

Burritos and Chimi's

REALLY!? This a national restaurant chain.  How many people probably proofread that entire menu? And this is a huge heading! I'm not a genius. I'm your standard English teacher. Are they not hiring grammar and language experts? THESE ARE THE PEOPLE WHO SHOULD BE SETTING THE EXAMPLE.

Okay. Rant over. This this post is supposed to be informative. (Whoopsie!) I will just post a few examples of how to and how NOT to use the apostrophe.

Plural/Not Plural Basics
House margaritas tonight. Come on in and get one from our bartenders!
House margarita's tonight. Come on in and get one from our bartender's!

It's just plural, people.

If you are writing your family's name, it should appear like this:
If your last name is Williams...

The Williamses are home. (More than one person with the last name Williams is home.)
The Williams' garage is on fire. (The home belonging to the Williams family has an issue.)
I hate the Williamses. They are always throwing fireworks into our yard. (It's just plural. Don't pop in an apostrophe.)
This post from the Williams lady is becoming boring.  (One lady. With the name Williams. Don't add an apostrophe. Moving on.)

This one has been driving me crazy.
I loved the '70s. (Note, the apostrophe indicating the missing 19 is optional.  I usually just write 70s.)
I've been using the apostrophe incorrectly since the 70's.
It's so easy, I'm only giving one example.

Another one that people misuse all the time...
I can't wait until the CMAs. Blake Shelton will probably be drunk.
I can't wait until the CMA's. Oh, and by the way I don't know how to use an apostrophe.
Why is this the rule? Because this acronym is short for Country Music Awards. NOT Country Music Award's.

Oh, and your kid didn't get all A's.  He got all As.


  1. I love that all three of your LA teachers wrote about grammar or writing. Hilarious. I wonder what Candice will write about. . .

    1. I seriously thought I'd be the only one to NOT write about something child-rearing related! Who knew. Maybe C Hill will teach us all how to breast feed. :)

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  3. I giggled through this.....;-) I love it that you're so fired up! I'm so bad at grammar, but I had a terrible upbringing with really bad schools. Anyway. Very informative!!! Thanks!

  4. I cringe when I write anything wondering if I've made an error you will catch:-). You make me a more thoughtful writer when it comes to grammar:-)

  5. I also love that we all wrote about grammar! :) Lindsey, I'm checking yours next. Did you write about science?

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    1. I am soooo confused now... I have been making sure my grammar is double correct. I thought, A's was correct. And I posted in my blog today 1950's so I changed that. I hope we can still be friends. You have me studying grammar rules over here. LOL. I try... I am successful most of the time. But, need a refresher.