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Friday, August 16, 2013

Pinterest & The Food Obsession

I should have written this post ages ago...Pinterest is like the miracle of all miracles.  An idea database.  If it wasn't so long, I would rename it "How To Be Good at Life." When it comes to food, I used to pin all kind of yummy stuff.  Of course, it was 2012 and I had no health focus. My focus was Will Colby like this? Will Alex eat this? Would this be fun to serve at Bunco? Can I take this into a work potluck?  Well, in 2013, my focus obviously changed.  I started to pin healthy recipes.  I was on the rigid meal plan of FitOrbit and I SO LOOKED FORWARD TO MAINTENANCE! Is was like the pot of gold at the end.  So, my pin board basically looked like I was confused in life.  It went from tons of pins for unhealthy comfort food & sweets to major health nut stuff.  Ultimately, I looked at that and thought, I want this pin board to reflect only positive choices.  Why would I hold on to shitty, greasy recipes?  So, in an epiphany of how dumb it is to live in food Limbo, I deleted ALL UNHEALTHY PINS.  This wasn't to provide myself self control; it was to clarify my thoughts.  An analogy: if you are trying to get over a huge breakup, why keep memories of the relationship all around? It's mental clutter. Clean it out and move on.  That's what I did with my pin board.  Of course, the plan isn't to never make anything "fun" again.  If I really want lasagna or a Valentine's dessert, all I have to do is search Pinterest. But there really is no need to keep pins on hand for all possible occasions.  Speaking of holiday food, I also have separate boards for all things Christmas, all things Halloween, all things Thanksgiving, and so on. Of course, I had pinned holiday-themed food to each.  I went and deleted all unhealthy food options.  Again, if I really want to be decadent, all I have to do is search for it later.  I did keep healthy options like rainbow fruit skewers for St. Patty's day, Americana fruit parfait for Fourth of July, etc.  So, I feel like it's important for Pinterest to reflect my current outlook on food and its purpose in life--to give ideas for daily healthful living.  If I need other uses, I can look it up at that time.

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  1. I pinned "Salted Caramel Cake" this morning and felt reasonably good about it. Just letting you know...