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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Blog Challenge

My friend, Randi, is very passionate. When she asks me to do something, I say yes.  Not just because I feel some pressure, but mostly because she and I tend to get passionate about similar things.  I am really enjoying blogging.  I've tossed around the idea of writing about life before, but I worried that it would be an act of narcissism and a waste of time.  Those both might still be true.  I am okay with blogging about my diet and workout routines because I need accountability.  It was also requested that I explain how I lost weight in a blog. It's so hard to explain all of the things I do to guarantee weight loss in a 1-minute conversation. It's a day-in-and-day-out endeavor. So, my blog serves me and maybe one or two other people in a big way. That's enough for me.

I am breaking the fitness-only theme for Randi. Several of us work friends blog, but some of us don't blog very often. It's summer time. We are teachers. July is the perfect week to accept a blogging challenge, right? Here it is.  This woman blogged every day in May. We are blogging every day in July with the same prompts.

So get ready! July 1-July 31 I will post IN ADDITION TO my fitness posts.

Here are the other bloggers and my dear friends who are also involved in the challenge:


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