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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Hub {House of gracie b.}

I have heard about the ARTSConnect First Friday Art Walk for several months now because I follow local businesses and organizations on Twitter.  Colby, Alex, and I ambled along simply amazed by all of the local art and businesses that we were being introduced to.  There was food. There was music.  There was display after display of local artists' work. What a great time! I didn't have any money to spend and, frankly, I was overwhelmed by all of the things that I was interested in. There was constant self-talk about wants and needs! There is one display that I saw in the North Topeka (NOTO) area that I was extremely excited about.  A display of clothing by gracie b.

Alex (12) and I were immediately obsessed.  There was one rack of clothes as well as a bookshelf containing a few folded sweaters and tops.  Also, there was a table of jewelry.  Alex and I kept saying that the clothes reminded us of Anthropologie and Francesca's mixed together.  Alex immediately obsessed over the playful Bohemian-style dresses and I swooned over a few of the classic sweaters and simple skirts.  I left knowing that I wanted to follow up and shop gracie b. more when I had some cash to play with and some more time to look.  I also had the burning questions: Is gracie b. a local girl? Is she a clothing in, did she make this stuff herself? I still don't have the answers to those questions, but I will sure let you know if I find out.  So, I found them on the internets HERE as well as on Twitter (@shopgracieb).

Now, after browsing the website, I learned that the most common way to purchase gracie b. designs is by ordering online. There is lots of merchandise there. However, we Topeka girls have an added bonus.  Gracie b. designs are in a store called The Hub in Topeka.  It's located at Fairlawn Plaza Shopping Center.

So, I paid gracie b.'s brick and mortar site a visit today.  The Hub is a fantastic shop! I had no idea it even existed! Topeka friends, did you know?!  I did ask the employee how long the shop had been open. She said two years.  As you can see from the photo, it is a pretty large space. The upper loft area has home furnishings and the lower area has clothing by various designers as well as novelties.  I probably could have looked around for a long time, but I went right for the gracie b. wall!

I tried on several things and finally decided on one piece.  I will show you what I picked out in a future post. You will have to wait!

I am just thrilled to have a great clothing option in Topeka.  It definitely gives me a reason to start my shopping trips here before going all the way out to Kansas City.  I am so happy to have made this little discovery and can't wait to show you all my new gracie b. item!



  1. This is kinda badass and when I get unpregnant I'm totally grabbing you and we're hitting this place up....a LOT!