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Monday, September 2, 2013

Blog Challenge: Blogtember!

My former colleague, Meaghan, over at Savoring the Sweet Stuff is participating in another blog challenge! Many of my blogger friends and I participated in the Blog Every Day in May challenge this past May.  It was fun to have topics to write on that I didn't come up with myself.  However, it was also a challenge because sometimes the topic is a bit forced, too personal, etc.  So there were a few posts when I said, "Nope, not discussing."  Having said that, I REALLY enjoyed reading my friends' musings.  So, I'm committing.  I'm working full time (duh), taking a college class (oh my), and traveling to St. Louis for umpire training mid-September (good gracious).  But I'm still committing.  Oh, and I have a husband, step-daughter, and two fur babies.  OH, AND I WORK OUT!  Yes, that's right. I'm guilt tripping all of you.  Join me!! Choose a few topics or all.  Don't let me be alone. Cheers to a month of posts.  The blog is back!

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