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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Body Composition Analysis

When shopping around for a family physician in Topeka, I stumbled upon Tague Nutrition Center.  They give a free consultation that promised a body composition analysis. Oh, and it's 1 mile away from my house. Sign me up!

I went in today and stood on a machine that seemed like a scale but also had handles. The metal surfaces on my feet and on the handles sent small electric waves through my body. I hardly felt anything. Then, a paper printed out and the nurse discussed my results.

Total weight: 144.6
Lean body mass: 110.0
Total body water: 80.7

My composition was then explained in a percentage form.  100% is totally "normal." On total body weight, I was 105%. Lean body mass was 105%. Body fat mass was 110%.  My BMI is 22.2 (21.5 is totally normal).

I really liked my Impedance Index.  This is a breakdown of my lean body mass by extremity.

Right arm: 115% (more muscular than "normal")
Left art: 115%
Trunk 90% (less muscular than "normal")
Right leg: 115%
Left leg: 115%

Basal Metabolic Rate: 1450 cal

The entire appointment took me 30 minutes.

I hope that all makes some sense.  She did say that my total body weight could be at 100% if I lost 1.3 pounds of pure fat.  I'm really close.  I love having this data. I'm sure I will do this analysis again. Maybe annually? I will be using the family practice that is right across the hall.  A great experience. I highly recommend that Topeka people get their body composition analyzed!

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  1. That is so cool! I would love to do this. Well, not right now, but some day.