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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sept 10: Describe a Distinct Moment When Your Life Took a Turn

When my life took a turn, I had no idea what it meant for a long time.  I was a senior at Pitt State...scheduled to graduate in May 2007.  I went to the September '06 job fair for teachers.  I met a rep from USD 437. I came to WRMS for an interview in October and signed paperwork in early December.

I was from Oklahoma City and my parents had moved to Jefferson City, MO my junior year of college.  So, I had no specific place to go.  I didn't like the BFE feeling of Pittsburg.  Get me back to a city!  Topeka seemed great.  Proximity to Kansas City was ideal.  So there it was.  Moved to Topeka and knew no one. I feel like I've written about this before, but I do feel that this is a pivotal moment.  Looking back on it, I'm proud of my fearlessness.  I didn't have a husband to go with me. I didn't have parents with me. A sister.  I was alone. And I built myself a nice little life.  If I could high five myself, I would.

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