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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sept 4: If I Could Take 3 Months Off...

I took 24 hours to think about this one. Obviously traveling is where it's at.  However, I would really get a lot of joy out of going out into the great big world and becoming a dingleberry.


I just want time with my family and friends.  Like in their life.  I would like to spend a week at my mom and dad's house.  Just reading and cleaning and cooking for them. Or running errands.  Same for my sister. Same for Jen. Same for many, many other friends.  I feel like we all just need an extra set of hands or an extra adult to help with this and that.  I also miss these people so much because we are all just living our lives.

Of course, when I'm done with that, I would love to take Colby and Alex and travel.  I don't know where.  It almost doesn't even matter. I need to travel with lots of "me" time built in. Lots of reading time.  I just need time and money not to be an object.  If you would like to see SOME of the places I would like to visit, see my Pinterest board.

Well, it's a dream.


  1. Love. I miss you too and it would be awesome to hang out for an entire week! For sure.