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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Sept 5: Pass On Some Useful Advice or Information

Work harder than the next guy. I don't know which coach taught me that. I can't pinpoint the moment. But I have never been the best. Ever.

Average. Above average-ish. That's my game.

I made it to college level softball because I worked at it. Period. I studied the game. I showed up an hour early to hitting practice. I always said yes to catching extra pitching lessons. I didn't drink the night before workouts. I ran in the summers. I found a way to be successful. That's the real reason I made it. 

Similarly, I had a job by October of my senior year at Pitt State because I did two practicum instead of one. I did "Honors" projects so that my degree would say "With Honors."

Not trying to toot my own horn. I know it will read that way to some people. I don't care. It's kind of like when I lose weight and people tell me "Good job." Do I feel like I should be proud? Yep. Same with the aforementioned. I worked my ass off and I'm proud of it. I'm not ashamed of it.  I don't even feel like I'm the "hardest" worker. I always feel like someone is outworking me. That pushes me. 

Work harder than the next guy. 

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