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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sept 3: Where I'm From

Kind of neato: I teach a poetry unit to start the year of 7th grade language arts.  As part of their final assessment, they have to write a free verse poem that is a collection of metaphors for where they are from.  I'll write my own here!

Where I'm From

I am from the red dirt of
dry, hot Oklahoma.
From an afternoon in July
and two hearts that still beat together.
I'm from popsicles and daycare.
I'm from mac 'n cheese and Diet Coke.
A kitty named Socks and
sweet, sweet Mable.
I'm from a talker and a worker.
I'm from pizza when Mom
is doing it all alone. Tired.
I'm from puzzles that stay on the kitchen table.
I'm from swim team and
'90s bangs. Full House and Saved by the Bell.
I'm from music videos and Faith Hill.
Jeans, a white tank, and Jagged
Little Pill.
I'm from 8th grade depression that got fed with
graham crackers
and jars of peanut butter.
From Britney Spears, Tim McGraw and
Seventeen Magazine.
I'm from my sister's terrible 'tude
and her undying devotion.
I'm from constant academic
From basketball shoes and
the dirt-leather-sweat of
the diamond.
I'm from a series of best friends
a brief moment of sisterhood
that I will never forget.
Christine. Shelby.
Kayla. Marcelina.
I'm from Sonic Drive-in.
Polos & visors.
Two pairs of jeans in my closet.
Paying my own way.
I'm from pre-prom
at Bricktown.
7-Elevens and football games.
I'm from knowing I want to leave home
and never come back.
Not because of misery.
But because of a gut feeling
and a desire to move on.