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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Food {Tuesday}

Breakfast {Strawberry Cornbread + Banana + Orange}
As seen in the Recipe Spotlight post.

Snack {2 Apricots + Sunflower Seeds}

Lunch {Salmon + Spinach Salad}

Snack {Soymilk & Chocolate Protein Powder Shake}

Dinner {Cottage Cheese + Honeydew Melon + Walnuts + Cinnamon}
This was supposed to be a morning snack yesterday, but I didn't get to it.  The dinner for today is a "Lemony Catfish Kabob on Wild Rice."  I didn't want to make the recipe, so I decided to wing it.  I thought the cottage cheese snack would be perfect to pop in.

Cheat Snack {Barbeque Potato Popchips + Cacao Chips}

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