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Friday, June 7, 2013

Food {Friday}

If you would like recipes for anything, leave a comment!

Breakfast {Kashi Cereal + Strawberries + Almond Milk}

Snack {Kiwi + Almonds}

Cheat {5 Crackers}

Lunch {Italian Turkey Salad + Crackers + Hummus}

Snack {Grape Parfait}

Dinner {Paisano's Ristorante in Lawrence, KS}
This makes me nervous. I looked on the menu beforehand and the only thing I could find is a build-your-own pasta. They have whole wheat noodles. Then you can add any sauce and veggies from a list.  This meal is a celebration after a wedding rehearsal for the funnest couple ever, Jeremy and Jess. At rehearsal, Jeremy mentioned that the dinner would be a buffet setup, so I prayed for a salad... Maybe some veggies...

OMG. I wish I could have taken pictures, but that would have been totally awkward!!! First of all, I was prepared to "cheat" a little bit tonight. You know, eat the healthiest option, but still eat it. Maybe even have an alcoholic bev or a dessert. Well, first we got served salad (the gross kind with white lettuce). But, it's a salad, so we were off to a good start. I had two small plates of salad while dipping my fork into the dressing.  Which is basically no calories. Maybe I consumed 30-50, tops. Breadsticks came. I didn't touch them. I was preparing for the cheat dinner. I had water only. I even thought about a Diet Pepsi, but decided I didn't even care to order it. Anyway, the buffet line happened.  My choices were all horribly covered in cheese and oil. Not to mention that white pasta was in all options. I seriously wish I could have snapped pics. So, I thought about grabbing a slice or two of chicken breast off of the top of the chicken alfredo and then asking my server for a dish of marinara.  But that didn't even seem worth it. Plus, I'd be the girl taking all the chicken! All of these dishes were just dense, cheese-packed blocks of lard. That's all they looked like to me. I surprised myself and decided not to eat there at all. So, I sat down while others ate their food. I offered no apologies. I offered no explanation. No one asked.  If they had, I would have told them the truth. I work out and eat well. This stuff isn't really on my plan! Side note: The woman next to me is allergic to soy, so she ordered a salmon and asparagus for herself.  I totally could have done that too, but why pay $12 for a meal when I can go to Panera Bread later and get something for $6?

And that's what I did.

We left shortly after. I felt great. We went to Panera Bread and I got my favorite acai berry tea and a strawberry poppyseed chicken salad. I tried to eat it with the dressing, but it was too much sweetness. The salad had pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries. That was flavor enough!

Cheat {Granola + Honey}
I had a sweet tooth after dinner (still). I settled on this as a cheat dessert. YUM!

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