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Friday, June 21, 2013

Workout {Zumba Class}

My mom invited me to this one. I make Alex do something active each day, so she joined me. Hubby did too. I like a man who will take a damn zumba class because he doesn't give a shit what other people think and he likes spending time with the wife & kid (and mother-in-law).

Okay, so we all showed up. Per the instructor's request we set up a bench, a mat, and got two sets of weights (one heavy--I grabbed 10s--and one light--I grabbed 6s).  I was already wondering what kind of Zumba-ing we would be doing today.  We started to do squats, lunges, abs, chest press bicep curls, etc.  I loved every minute of it. It was a fast-paced weight lifting class that hit almost every muscle group.  Of course, Alex was thinking, When do I get to shimmy and shake?! So, the grasshopper got her first exposure to weight lifting. I think it was great. I asked the instructor what the situation was since the schedule said the class was Zumba. She said they switched it and that we just did Body Blast. I said the switch didn't bother me at all and I loved it!  All in all a great workout for the whole family. I love it when someone tells me what to do (when it comes to working out only.. haha)!

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