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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Documentary {Hungry for Change}

This is the first documentary I have watched that wasn't recommended to me. On Netflix, if you watch something, similar titles are recommended to you. Apparently, there is an entire list of food-related documentaries. This is the first one on the list.

Hungry for Change

Basic Summary:
Dieting is a vicious cycle because it's temporary. It's not a lifestyle change. Twenty to thirty percent of all Americans are on a diet. We are in a world of abundance. We have a TON of food. Our food is not real food. It's food-like products.  If you diet the wrong way or in a temporary way, it is very likely that you will gain the weight back, plus some more.  Many experts come on to talk about their personal realization that they are fat and/or sick. Sugar is the cocaine of the food world.  It's in everything. People can consume a LOT of calories, but their bodies are still starving for nutrition. That's why people eat a lot but still get hunger pangs, they are tired, they don't feel well.

The film talks a lot about how our human body works in terms of ancestry. Thousands of years ago, our bodies hunted and gathered. Fat/sugar was survival. We are eating to survive a famine, a hard winter, or stress.  Now, we have the wrong food and we feast on it, but there is no famine.  People are overfed but are starving to death.

Food is becoming an addiction. People eat because they love it, they enjoy it. However, people go to bed at night praying to wake up thin with better health. It's a trap. Food companies engineer addictions into the food. MSG and free glutamates are used to enhance 80% of all processed food. You don't know where it is on the label because it had 50 different names.  It is protocol to make a mouse fat by using MSG. Every scientist knows that MSG makes bodies fat. It's not a secret. Nothing tricks your mind like a diet cola. There is aspartame and caffeine that creates an excitement toxin or a buzz. So, people drink a lot of pop for a buzz. A lot of women use diet pop to keep their weight under control.  Aspartame is some scary stuff. Artificial sweeteners cause carbohydrate cravings.  Manufacturers of these foods fund research to get studies to say that aspartame and artificial sweeteners are basically okay. Independent research shows a much different story.  This is all about making money. Sell an addictive food and you make a lot of money off of one person in their lifetime.  Marketing of these products is a lie. They sell sexiness and happiness. They don't talk about what is in it. In reality, people are sick, fat, and miserable.

Food packaging and marketing is a huge lie.  For example, there is a Total cereal that is called Blueberry Pomegranate.  There isn't blueberry or pomegranate in the cereal at all.  If packaging says "sugar free" or "fat free" or something to that effect, it is a chemical storm. It's a false food. Don't eat it.  We went on a fat free fad. The fat was replaced by carbohydrates or sugar. That created a fat problem.

You can't negate one side of nutritional balance. You can't go low fat or low carb. Your body will be starving nutritionally. Your body needs good fats and good carbs. Avocados, chia seeds, wild caught salmon...those are good fats.

High fructose corn syrup is terrible. It's not natural at all. It's a chemically-manipulated component of corn.  An analogy is how cocaine is created from the coco plant. Fructose is highly addictive. Your definition of what sugar is really needs to expand. It's bread, waffles, pancakes, muffins, corn, potatoes, etc. We are comfortable with calling alcohol and cocaine and nicotine addictive drugs. People need to become very comfortable calling sugar a drug.

Food kills more people than all drugs on earth combined.  Why don't  people stop? Because they don't understand the interworkings of what we are really eating.

Diets don't work. They deprive us of a group of nutrients or they are overly processed crap that provides a quick fix.

What's the solution? Go to a whole-foods, plant-based diet. Think about what you CAN have. Eventually, you will feel so much better that the bad food will not have a place in your life.

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