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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Food While Traveling {Part 2}

This post piggy-backs onto my previous post about Food While Traveling. If you are doing Options 1 or 2, you are probably wondering Okay, what food do I pack? Honestly, you have to live it and learn it. I can give you my list of go-to travel foods, but you might not like my list. I've been operating from a meal plan for the past 5 months of my life.  (The past month has been by choice because I love it!) Every day. So, these ideas stem from those menus.  You can take my ideas as a formula. For example, if I eat plain oatmeal with dried cranberries and a hard boiled egg, then you could translate that into things you like such as a piece of toast, raisins, and a scrambled egg. Adjust the exact food, but keep the idea/portions similar.

Note: I always prepare everything in advance. If I'm packing an orange, I peel it and put it in a baggie. I've I'm packing cereal and a banana, I measure it, pour it into a container, and slice the banana on top of it.  I wouldn't just take the box of cereal...  If I'm eating a salad for lunch, I prep it before hand...

Breakfast Ideas:
1. Two hard boiled eggs + Orange
2. Dry, plain oatmeal + fruit + nuts (add hot water with the hotel coffee maker OR take water bottles and zap in a convenience store microwave)
3. Greek yogurt + banana + honey?
4. Cottage cheese + strawberries
5. Quinoa + blueberries
6. Smoothie! (Make it ahead, pour it into an empty water bottle, shake when ready to drink)
7. Cereal + banana (put milk into an empty water bottle and pour when ready to eat)
8. Clif Bar + fruit
9. Nature's Path waffles (or other organic brand)
10. Kefir + organic crackers
11. Cottage cheese + granola + apple (add the granola when ready to eat)

Snack Ideas:
1. 2 hard boiled eggs
2. Unsalted almonds
3. Protein shake + strawberries
4. Bell pepper + hummus
5. Carrots + hummus
6. Apples + hummus
8. Banana + almond butter
9. Unsalted almonds + dried cranberries
10. Celery + almond butter
11. Protein bar
12. Melon (very filling)
13. Cottage cheese + fruit
14. Apple + string cheese

Lunch/Dinner Ideas:
1. Salad! (Prep dressing before hand and add it to salad when ready to eat)
2. Meat + Veggie + Carb (Put this all together in a container and heat it up at a convenience store! This is a combination that has endless options. Measure everything and it's great diet food! I lost so much weight eating turkey, sweet potato, & broccoli...)
3. Amy's brand organic pizza or burritos
4. Cottage cheese + honeydew + cantaloupe + grapes
5. Open-face tuna melt (assemble when ready to eat)
6. Cranberry chicken salad on top of romaine (assemble when ready to eat)
7. Amy's soup + apple + toast
8. Take any of the breakfast ideas and eat them for lunch or dinner!
9. Turkey sandwich + organic tortilla chips
10. Mediterranean tuna salad + crackers (my May 23 post)

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