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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Workout {Kettlebells, Etc. + Run}

This morning I had planned to go to the Y and lift weights followed by a run. However, Wednesday night a friend texted me asking to meet up at the middle school (our work) and join in a summer workout program. Of course, I was game. So, this morning we spent an hour and a half, and did this (approximately):

20 one-handed kettlebell cleans (each side) with 15 lbs
4 Turkish get-ups (each side) with 15 lbs
30 rope waves
30 rope drummers
20(?) shoulder presses with 18 lbs barbell
20 (?) bicep curls with 18 lbs barbell
figure 8 farmer's walk with 55 lbs kettlebell
figure 8 farmer's walk with 25 lbs kettlebell
10 wall ball throws 8 lbs ball
10 side wall ball throws (each side) 8 lbs ball

I know I did more once the middle school kids showed up, but I did 2 sets of the above plus some other exercises.

Later that day, Alex had a swim party, so I took the dogs and went for a run while she swam.  Mommies, if you spend time sitting at a sports practice for your kid, you are wasting a valuable opportunity to workout. GO FOR A RUN!

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