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Monday, June 10, 2013

Game Plan Change

This is not a major change, but I want to document it nonetheless.  I am no longer going to have cereal in my house. Not even the organic kind. It is way to easy to throw together and I don't measure it in my moments of weakness. So, I'm done with it. It's so weird to me that there has been a stash of chocolate in the house (Snickers, Reese's, etc.) and I haven't touched it or even thought about it, really.  However, I "cheat" with that organic cereal and almond milk and I tell myself that it's okay. It's all relative, and most of you would laugh at my weakness for this cereal.  However, it's what I'm using to cheat, so it has to go. Also, if we're being completely honest, the cereal is processed. There is sugar involved. It's probably not really the way to go even if it is organic. Ideally, I would have cereal for breakfast once per week. But I can't limit myself like that. I miss eggs for breakfast. I miss bananas. I miss oatmeal. That is stuff I won't grab for a cheat. So, it's final. No cereal in the house.

As far as workouts go, I'm struggling to find a balance between strength training and cardio. I've been planning to do some weights and then some cardio every day. However, my cardio usually gets shortchanged because I've already been at the gym for 45+ minutes and I don't want to run for an hour at that point. Also, it's awkward to plan time at the gym and then drive somewhere to run outside. Or I come home from the gym to run in my neighborhood, but I don't feel inspired to go far because I'm at home! So, I got the idea from Sugar Nation to work out 5 days a week alternating hard cardio days with hard strength training days.  I'm loving that plan. I just want to stay toned and healthy. I'm not training for anything serious. Also, I've noticed that days off from running and strength helps my running days.  This new plan seems perfect.

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