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Monday, July 15, 2013

Cable TV.?

The punctuation of the title perfectly sums up this topic.  It is.  Now what?

Of course, Colby and I got cable when we joined our lives together in holy matrimony sealed the deal.  I used to watch an obscene amount of TV. I watched it whenever I could.  Granted, I was working on lesson plans on the couch while I was watching, but I watched.  If it was coaching season, I would stay up super late to watch the shows that I so looked forward to.  Colby and I would often discuss what a drain it is.  It got to the point where we canceled our cable and we instead switched to online television (Hulu Plus & Netflix).  I loved it.  I had less TV to watch, but when I did want to watch, I could watch on my TV, laptop, phone, or tablet.  Some shows weren't accessible, but I realized it was good to cut down on the reality TV addiction.  After about 2 years of that (I think), Colby became resolute that he MUST be able to watch "cool" soccer games on TV in real time.  After just missing out on an entire week of the Women's College World Series (softball), I understood the desperation.  Plus, I felt ready to join the world of regular TV.  I am tired of being a month behind on Housewives.  (Judge me; don't care.) We just crawled out of infertility debt, so I was willing to add the expense back in.

So, the cable was installed on Wednesday and we now have basic cable in our living room and master bedroom.  I feel like I have a much better grasp of what I really want to spend my time watching versus what is a time drain.  I have been enjoying  a lifestyle of working out five days per week as well as reading novels again. I want to keep that up and it's more important to me than TV.  So when I go through the schedule and look for things to record, I definitely don't record as much as I used to.

Shows I record {new episodes only}:
The View
The Real Housewives of New Jersey
The Real Housewives of Orange County
Hart of Dixie
Project Runway
Giuliana & Bill
The Bachelorette
*These shows are not always airing new episodes at the same time, so I'm only recording about 5 hours of TV per week

I used to also record various news programs daily, Chelsea Lately, various OWN shows, various Food Network shows, various HGTV shows, What Not to Wear, etc.

If you have a time suck activity, would you cancel your subscription and then return a year later with new priorities?

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