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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Vacation: Day 1

As far as activities are concerned, we didn't do much today. We packed up the car and headed west. We drove for 8 hours. We checked into our hotel and I napped while Colby went to the doctor for pink eye meds. Poor hubby. Then, we all went to dinner at Nosh. It's serves New American cuisine in a Japanese style with small plates meant to be shared. It was delicious. The mountains are a gorgeous backdrop and I can't wait to explore them more tomorrow. 

Fitness report:
I woke up early and ran 1.5 miles with the puppies. Then I did one round of a bikini body workout on Pinterest. It basically hits every major area once. It was about 30 minutes total. Perfect if you ask me. 

Remember, my snacks were packed for the trip!
Breakfast {Plain oatmeal + blueberries}

Snack {Swiss cheese + Blueberries}

Lunch {Southwest chicken salad from McDonald's--tortilla strips removed & dressing not used + Clif Bar}

Snack {Miso + Almond butter}

Snack {Pistachios}

Dinner {Beet Caprese + Sweet potato fries + Lemon Creme Brûlée}

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  1. Your dinner looks ridiculously good! I feel like I've heard of Nosh. . .