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Friday, July 5, 2013

Day 5: Publicly Profess My Love to a Fellow Blogger

HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO CHOOSE?  I love so many of my blogger friends! I could gush about all of them.

There is one blogger who is responsible for showing me the world of blogging. She didn't mean to. I found out about her writing from a friend and I sat down one night last summer and read every word that she had ever written on her blog. I was obsessed. I am a writing teacher and I absolutely love her writing. It's not the next great American novel, but I couldn't peel my eyes away.

Random analogy: You know how funny it is to watch someone watch TV? I love watching people's faces as they laugh at a TV, raise their eyebrows in anticipation, look genuinely confused as what is happening, etc.  These are the faces I make when I read this blogger's blog. Faces of complete amusement.

Her writing is not flowery. It is not filled with intentional metaphors.  It is what I think modern writing has become. It is clever. It is real. It's gritty.  We are breaking away from literary prose and we are writing about real life with conversations that really happen using language that would actually be said.  And let's face it. People are random, and stupid, and smart, and surprisingly clever..sometimes all in the same conversation.

Her writing is full of unexpected imagery because she simply has a creative way of saying how she feels. It is refreshing to read. I even took one of her writing techniques to the classroom last year in one of my Writers Workshop lessons. This blogger likes to write something and then cross it out. It creates subtext to what she is actually saying and it has a very humorous effect. So, did this particular writing exercise in which I showed them this technique and some of my more advanced writers loved it.  Another technique that she uses is an extended hyphenated adjective. For example, this blogger will write "I sat down for dinner and ordered the biggest I-shouldn't-eat-this-because-it-will-end-up-on-my-thighs burger I could find."  That's not an actual quote, but you get the idea. How cool is that!? I showed a couple of my more advanced classes this technique and again, the more advanced writers played around with it. It was so cool!  (I know she's not the first writer to use these techniques, but this was seriously the first time I had seen someone use them.)

Another reason I love this blogger is because of what she writes about. She has themes for certain days that prompt her writing. She mostly writes about funny life happenings. Shit we all complain about: jobs, husbands, family, appearance, health, etc. She also writes about life's pleasant surprises. In an unexpected twist, I found several posts where she got real about her experience with depression. And a little bit about her family's issues. I love that mix of really silly funny shit combined with serious life issues.  Isn't that exactly what life is like?

Oh, and my final reason why I LOVE THIS BLOGGER is that she uses profanity SO WELL.  I mean she is so great at cursing that I am just in awe.  I read her posts and I'm like Yes!! Thank you for letting it RIP! I know not everyone would appreciate that language, but I absolutely love it.

Some of you who also read her blog already know who I'm talking about. For those of you who don't, click here!


  1. I knew who you were talking about immediately, and I have only been following her for a week! She's so funny.