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Friday, July 19, 2013

Day 19: Five Favorite Blogs

I am going to be completely honest here. I have all of the blogs that I like come to me through and app called Feedly. that way, I don't have to search for updated posts. They come directly to me!  I'm going to chose my favorite five based on which blogs I get most excited about when I see that there is a new post.  Here goes in no particular order:

1. Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier: I've already professed my love here.  Need I say more?

2. Bring On the New: Randi is a dear friend of mine whom I work with. I get excited about her posts because I know they will be thoughtful, they will include pictures, and they will be honest. She isn't afraid to share her flaws. She isn't afraid to share her struggles.  She's a great writer.

3. The Bloggess: I get so excited to read her posts.  I don't know her. She is kind of famous, I guess. She is just so sarcastic and funny. It will lighten you no matter what mood you are in!

4. J's Everyday Fashion: I seriously spent hours looking at her posts.  All for the purpose of figuring out how to dress myself. She puts together combinations that I would have never been brave enough to try, but because of her posts, my closet has been reactivated. She posts an outfit almost every day and shows you where she got each piece of clothing and what inspired the look (celebrity, pinterest, etc.).  One of my favorite tricks that she taught me was how to wear a dress as a shirt.  I love J.

5. Happily Grey: This is the mightiest fashion blog I have ever seen. She posts very often (daily?) and I always know I'm in for a visual feast.  She posts about fashion--always showcasing an outfit.  The photos are just so saturated in color.  Of course, the author and model, Mary, is gorgeous. Some of the items she features are expensive, but some are not.  I love to add her outfits to my Outfit Envy board on Pinterest to reference later when I'm deciding what pieces to buy. Love, love, love.


  1. Love the fashion blogs. I am so excited to learn how to dress myself now that a) I have a figure I'm started to get excited about and b) I can start to shop at places besides garage sales :)

  2. You know what?! You're my fav blog!!! If I could just get my shit together and read it everyday....which is a goal of my every day and I fail. ugh. life.....then I would be a happy girl!

    But at least I catch up!

    Thanks doll!