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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Day 21: Favorite Posts from My Archives

These are my favorite posts from my archives. I pretty much went backwards chronologically and looked for the posts that were significant to the purpose of my blog: weight loss and nutrition. I think these posts capture the basics of how to do what I did as well as a few personal favorites. 

1. 90% Nutrition
2. Food Charmers
3. Documentary {Food, Inc.}
4. Fridge Cleanout
5. Motivation List  MY FAVORITE!
6. Guest Post {Colby's Perspective}
7. Guest Post {Alexandria's Perspective}
8. Before and After
9. Eating and the Social Calendar
10. The Word "Skinny"
11. How I Handle Grocery Shopping
12. I Thought I Knew How to Eat {Clean Eating}
13. Why I Started: {The Ugly}
14. About This Blog

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