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Friday, July 19, 2013

Vacation: Day 2

Today we took a train to the summit of Pike's Peak and back. It was gloriously fun. Out of all the seats, we got the best ones. Right in front. It was like watching a big screen TV. Then, we had lunch at Jake & Telly's--a very yummy Greek place. In the afternoon, we zip lined. It. Was. Awesome. Highly recommend. We came back and eested at the hotel. For dinner we went in search of a "cheap" healthy lunch. We ate at Panera. Then, we walked Old Colorado City. It was pretty lame, so we drove the mountain line to north COS. we looked at houses and neighborhoods for fun. We did a drive by of University of Colorado--Colorado Springs. Then we headed home. 

Fitness report:
I ran 2 miles and did abs. 

Breakfast {Hard boiled eggs}
The hotel didn't have plain oatmeal as promised. Boo. 

Snack {Banana + Orange}

Lunch {2 Meatballs + Sangria}

Dinner {Apple Fuji Chicken Salad}

Snack {Pistachios}

1 comment:

  1. Awww, I wish I would have read that you were going to The Springs earlier!!! My step mom lives near there, and I even lived there for 3 months! I could have told you a few places to go. Yes, Old Colo is booorrrrring. But if you went up to Manitou Springs, they have neat places to eat and hike.

    Oh well.

    Glad you had fun!