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Sunday, July 14, 2013

My Blog Reader {Feedly}

In true form, I feel like I'm last to the blog party.  When I first started hearing about my friends' blogs, I felt like I didn't have a way to keep up with all of them.  Some of them would post a link to Facebook and that would make it easy to see it and check it out.  Then, I learned about Google reader.  I never used the app version (Was there one?), so whenever I got onto my Google account, I would enter in the URL addresses for the blogs that I wanted to follow and whenever there was a new post, Google reader would show any/all new content of every blog I subscribed to.

Then, Google reader was discontinued.  I found out about Feedly and I love it!  There is a website you can go to HERE.  It's just like Google reader in that you enter your blog URLs and then it'll automatically push new posts to you.  If you are like me and you like to type on a computer rather than a phone, then I suggest that you set up your account on a desktop. Then, if you have an iPhone or iPad, get the app HERE.  The iPad layout is my favorite way to browse, but I look on my phone all the time.

It just cuts out the leg work and makes it as easy as possible to see your friends' posts as soon as they are published.

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