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Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 1: My Life in 250 Words

I was born July 30, 1984. My sister, Christa, was born Christmas Day 1986. We grew up in Oklahoma City. We moved twice in my childhood which led me to be shy and unsure. On the outside. I found my place in sports. I played softball and basketball. In high school I worked much harder than I really needed to.  I remember high school as an exhausting crusade of academics and athletics. I played softball at a successful junior college, Neosho County (Chanute, KS). Those were the best two years.  I gained eight sisters. Shocking: I quit after about 4 games of my sophomore season. I wasn’t done playing softball. I transferred to Pitt State and had a GREAT junior season athletically. Senior year was horrible. Bad coach.  So, I focused on becoming an English teacher. During my junior year, my parents moved from OKC to Jefferson City, MO. Upon graduation, I had no “hometown.” I accepted a position at Washburn Rural in Topeka to teach seventh grade Reading.  November 2007 I met my husband, Colby. We met and were married within 8 months (2008). He is the best decision I ever made. I gained a stepdaughter, Alexandria, who is now 12. I have spent 5 years trying to understand my infertility and that continues to be the largest struggle in my life. My recent weight loss has been an absolute joy. A surprise success. So here we are. A family of 3 in Topeka.


  1. Could you be any cuter!?!?

    I moved around a shitton too when I was a kid. Like 12 times. It sucked. That's why I have social anxiety issues. You'd think it'd be the opposite, but it's not.