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Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 8: A Piece of Advice for Others

I get a free pass on this one. The only advice I have to give is about losing weight and getting fit. Boom. Read past entries.

I could give advice on being a stepmom, but I don't know that anyone could use that advice...


  1. I just had a friend tell me yesterday that being a step-mom is by far the hardest job she's ever had. I think she must be right.

  2. You know. I agree, being a step mom is incredibly difficult. Coming from someone who's had 2 stepmoms. But this last one is a jewel! (I pick her over my biological dad now that they're getting divorced.) If you really care, which from your posts and FB stuff I know you do, it makes being the 'stepdaughter' so much easier/better/loving.

    BTW, Ryan's now changing his tune about 'getting healthier'. He says that he'll do what it takes, but he still wants to eat doritos (yuck) and drink beer. Ugh. Men.
    6 more weeks-ish and I'll be starting!!! Truly, I can't wait to devote energy to feeling better!!