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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Vacation Diary Day #0

Today we prepared for our 5-day trip to Colorado Springs. I have an itinerary binder (not a joke).  I have clothes packed. I have workouts planned. I have meals/snacks kind of planned. I'm vacationing 10 of the next 11 days and then it's my birthday. And I'll be damned if I come back fatter than when I left. Maintenance has been going really well even since I stopped documenting my meals and workouts. So I think I'll be able to follow the 80%/20% rule and be fine.

So, I plan to work out every morning before the day gets going. It's on the itinerary. The hotel had a 24-hour cardio room. I will run and do squats, lunges, abs, and other body weight stuff. I'm taking Saturday & Sunday off (as usual).

My plan is to eat out. (I've researched restaurants & menus.) And have healthy snacks on hand for in between meals.  I called the hotel and they have hard boiled eggs & plain oatmeal for breakfast. Instead of shopping for and packing a bunch of food, I have packed snacks for the car ride tomorrow and plan to go to Walmart tomorrow night and get fresh fruit to supplement my pistachio bag. (Or nut bag)

I will log my weight before & after. I weighed 142.0 this morning. 

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