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Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 12: What do you miss?

I miss the game.

I haven't played softball since college (Spring 2006) and I still have dreams about it.  I think it's the most wonderful sport ever. I miss being outside for practices and games. I miss the camaraderie of having teammates. I miss having a coach who invests in you.  I miss calling pitches and finding weaknesses in hitters and then carving them up.  I miss the pitcher-catcher relationship. I miss wearing a uniform. I miss representing something big.  I feel like I reached my peak in skill right when it was all over for me.  I coached high school ball, but 3 years as the JV coach was probably my maximum. I should be coaching varsity. Since then, I've been umpiring high-level ball for 3 summers now. Someone I met (an older woman who still travels around and plays) encouraged me to play at a local Topeka league.  I emailed a few "coaches" of adult softball a couple of weeks ago, but no one has emailed me back. I would love to get into a situation where I go out and do my thing on Monday nights or something like that.  I should still be playing.

I miss the game.

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