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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 31: A Vivid Memory

I remember my first time meeting Alex. She was 6. Colby and I had been dating since November 3, 2007. I had met Alex a couple of weeks after that when we went to Buffalo Wild Wings with a group of my friends.  Colby introduced Alex to everyone as his friend.  This was very important because I could really see how much attention she required.  If I was going to date this guy, I was going to spend date nights with Alex on his lap coloring...asking him to help her with a puzzle.  I was also realizing that I was going to be dating a guy who already had his shit together.  Not to mention the fact that I can witness what a good father he would be to our children (insert irony here).  In my previous relationships, I had been the mature one. The reasonable one.  How do we paint a room? I'll figure it out and do it. How do we get on an airplane? I'll figure out and do it. How do we budget a month of going out? I'll figure it out and do it. I loved that this guy didn't come with student loans, commitment issues, or responsibility issues.  Yes, he has a kid, but she's adorable and she just wants to be loved.  It's not simple, it's complicated.  But at the same time, it's simple. That probably doesn't make any sense unless you are a stepmom. I remember looking at him with a little bundle of pink and sparkles on his lap and I just knew that I was okay.  More than okay. I wanted to be 100% open to this being my life.  And, well, we all know how it turned out.

My loves, September 2008

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