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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vacation: Day 2

We slept in. Then we went to a city sightseeing tour. We had a great tour guide and we learned a lot about the city.  We ate lunch at Central Grocery where the muffulettas are famous. Then we shopped the food section of a market and I picked up a bundle of bananas to help me make breakfast in the mornings. We came back to the hotel to escape the heat. We ended up working out together. Then we ventured out to Bourbon Street for some walking and drinking. We ended up at Acme Oyster House for dinner and Bourbon House for dessert. We went back to our hotel room after that and are ending the night with some TV and reading.

5 min walk (warmup)
Abs/Run Superset x 3
20 tabletop crunches
20 tabletop to bicycle crunches
10 slow bicycles
10 fast bicycles
20 reverse crunches
20 heel clicks
1 mile run

Breakfast {Eggs}
I ordered 3 eggs scrambled without oil or butter. I got 3 huge baskets of eggs that were greasy with bread. Yuck. I ate about half. 

Snack {String Cheese}

Lunch {Muffuletta no bread}

Snack {Hurricane + Hand Grenade}

Dinner {6 Oysters + Bananas Foster with Milk Bourbon}

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