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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 25: Something Someone Told Me About Myself

The only thing that comes to mind is a time when I was working as a camp counselor at Bear River Ranch in BFE Missouri when I was 21...1 year away from being a teacher. We do an overnight camping experience weekly on Wednesday nights. As a teacher in training, I was extremely upset with my fellow coworkers when I found out in the morning that I was the only staff who was really with the kids overnight. The rest of them had taken off after bedtime and never returned in the morning. How irresponsible. What if something had happened? What about managing 20 kids alone in the morning while the rest of you went out at partied?  Little bitches. 

So of course I reported them to my boss, the camp owner and director, Laurie. This caused a backlash and my fellow staff members now hated me and the horse I rode in on.

I went in to see Laurie because I felt their treatment of me was becoming very upsetting and wasn't fair because THEY were the ones who did wrong. Instead of support, Laurie told me, "Chelsea, I'm sure you will be a very good teacher, but you will not be a good camp counselor."

This is pretty much when I thought the world was effing crazy. Here I am working at a job for the purpose of supplementing my teaching degree and I'm being told that being responsible and holding people accountable to caring for children is not necessary. Bullshit, Laurie.

This is many experiences to come when I learn that doing what is "right" does not matter and will not play out the way you think in real adult life. 

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