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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 14: Ten Things That Make Me Really Happy

I thought about making this a list of small things that make me happy like my bronze-colored necklace, pistachios, Alex's {silly} laugh, and Colby's funny jokes. But all of those things relate back to broader categories. Where I'm going with this also reminds me of this post where I discuss that life is made up of small tasks.  So, the list might seem boring, but what I'm really saying is that I love the flicker of a yellow tail barely visible above the line of wild grass at my parents' house. I love the clarity of mind that comes with a good run.  I love a great pair of jeans. I love labels. I love that Jen knows me so well that she can anticipate when I shouldn't say my next thought out loud until we are in private. ... And then when I tell her, it's almost always a samesies moment. I love driving up the side of a mountain. I love that feeling in my gut when I'm sure about something. I love that I have Alex write daily and I have to remind her NOT to spend an hour on it. I love having a highly emotional experience at the hand of a book.  But giving specifics like that would amount to more than 10 things, so I giving you my boring list of 10.

1. Real love (Colby)

2. Parenting (Alexandria)

3. Bond between man & animal (Chloe & Cody)

4. A really great friendship (Jen)

5. Health (fitness & nutrition)

6. Contribution to the community (teaching)

7. Cleanliness/organization

8. Pretty things (clothes, makeup, etc.)

9. Travel


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