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Thursday, July 11, 2013

gracie b. {3 Ways}

If you read my post about The Hub, you know I made my first gracie b. purchase yesterday.  I bought this Funfetti Buttown-down Blouse in a size small.  At the online shop, there is only a size large left, but good news--it's on sale for $19.95!

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I am so excited about this shirt because it's a print that is not season specific.  It is a muted blue-green {mint?} color with navy, pink, orange, and white flecks in the print.  I can think of more than 3 ways to work this shirt into an outfit.  I chose to show you people how I would wear it on a summer Saturday, a cooler-weather day out, and a day at work.  The only thing people need to be aware of is that the sleeves are gathered at the bottom (I don't know the technical term). So I'm glad I tried it on to be sure I could get the sleeves to work. Oh, and it's pretty see-through, so I put a nude cami underneath for the second and third outfits.  Let me know what you think!

Summer Saturday

Anytime Cool

Werk Work


  1. Digging that!!! A lot!!!
    I want one now.

  2. I love this. When I'm down to my goal I need to go shopping. Just one more piece of motivation!

  3. Oh my. I NEVER shop online, but you sucked me in! I just bought the maximus column dress. I couldn't resist!!! Your top is TOO CUTE!

    1. That's the one I liked too, Jo! Think you'll have it by Monday? I'd like to see it in person!