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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

New Orleans!

Back in May, when I stopped my weight loss crusade, Colby and I decided that he would treat me to a sexy vacation just for us.  And this is an actual treat.  It's not joint money. This is his personal play money. Going toward a vacation for me.  Yay!!  We chose New Orleans because we had both never been and it's relatively close so the flights were cheaper.  Also, it's an adult playground. We can sunbathe and drink and eat and dance and get into some good ole adult fun. Sans 12-year-old.  So, we leave tomorrow and I'm ready from some sexy time with my man. Who knows, maybe I'll even suck on a crawfish (not a metaphor).  Jen, that little bit of craziness was for you! xo

1 comment:

  1. HOLY SHIT!!!!

    NOLA is my FAV place in the whole world!!! I'm going to FB you all the places you need to go for GOOD (fattening) food, beers, and whatever else!!!