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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Vacation: Day 4

Today we are driving to Canon City for white water rafting. This is not really my thing--been there, done that. But Colby loves it and Alex has never been. It was actually really fun. It's was a lt warmer than last time. Then, we went and had pizza. We drove to the hotel to shower and then we headed out to the best outlet mall ever. 

Fitness report:
I always take Saturday and Sunday off. After yesterday's mileage and weights, my legs are definitely sore. They still feel fatigued, so I expect a deeper soreness to develop. 

Breakfast {3 Eggs + Miso + Banana}

Snack {Pistachios}

Lunch {2 Slices Pizza}
BBQ. Wheat crust. No cheese. 

Snack {Pistachios + Cranberries}

Dinner {2 Slices Pizza}

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