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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Eating and the Socal Calendar

When I first started FitOrbit, I needed a lot of guidance when it came to eating meals with friends, family, etc. All of our social events revolve around a meal or at least include one. I remember I was going out to eat in January with some of Colby's extended family whom I'd never met. We went to a steakhouse. Longhorn Steakhouse, I think. I called Christa and I was like "What do I do?! I didn't work hard all week just to eat a huge meal tonight. I also don't want people to give me a hard time about what I'm eating."  I knew if I had a salad at a steakhouse I would probably get comments and questions. I wasn't prepared to draw attention to the way I eat. At social gatherings like this, I always wanted to allow myself to eat well (I'm paying good money for this meal, after all) and I wanted to fit normal stuff basically.

Well, that night Christa was a lifesaver. She was getting into her bikini fitness competition training and she knew exactly what I was talking about. She suggested that I always find out where we are going and look the menu over in advance. No one has to know that I'm researching. I can browse on my smart phone. That way, I can make a decision about what to eat before I'm in the moment, I'm hungry, people are staring, I'm trying to entertain Colby's aunt while deciding at the table, etc.

This works SO well and I will probably continue to do it forever. That night I ordered off of a 500 calories or less menu. Shrimp and wild rice. Hold the mashed potatoes. Needless to say, it was effective to help my weight loss. I was loosing 2 pounds per week at that time.

This weekend is full of social events. I'm going to dinner & drinks with some work friends on Friday. Saturday is my brother-in-law's college graduation and we are going out to eat afterward. Sunday is Mother's Day and I plan to have a full day of fun in Kansas City.

So, I'm going online tonight to look at the Blue Moose menu. I'm going to pick out some healthy meal options.  Just did it. Five minutes later and I know what I want. I want a small portion Spinach Salad with Chicken added. Dressing on the side. I also want Salt-Roasted Poached Beets (served with goat cheese and rosemary) off of the appetizer menu. This is probably a splurge on salt, so I'll take a look at the food once I get it and decide what actually goes into my mouth. If I change my mind, I could always go with a full salad.  I also plan to drink that night with the girls. I have met my weight loss goal. I can have a damn drink. I know vodka soda will be my best calorie bet. I'll try a cherry flavored vodka water with lime. Probably 2-3 drinks max.

Blue Moose Topeka Menu

Blue Moose Topeka Menu

Saturday, we are going to a beer brewery. The menu has only one option for me. Chopped Salad Verde. It has avocado, tomatoes, spinach, cheese, and a sweet pea vinaigrette. Served with crisp flour tortilla chips. I like this option because it looks flavorful and I can nix the chips.  I will be sure to pack snacks for before and after this meal just in case! I never want to feel panicked and out of options when it comes to food.

Free State Brewery, Lawrence Menu

On Sunday, we are going to the farmer's market. Then, we decided that since Christa is on a strict nutrition plan (her bikini competition is May 25!) and Mom just joined FitOrbit, and Mother's Day is crazy busy at restaurants, we will pack our lunch and have a picnic in the park.  Sounds perfect! So, on this day I will take a cooler in my trunk and I will pack all of my meals!  I used to use day trips to Kansas City as an excuse to hit up some fun eating places like Backyard Burger and Bo Lings. Now, it's no problem. I pack my food in order to keep my thighs in check. I didn't do all of this hard work to lose it all in a flash. And that is what eating out all day in Kansas City would do--especially if repeated often.

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