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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Guest Post {Alexandria's Perspective}

Hi, I'm Alex. I am Chelsea's 12-year-old step-daughter. These are my thoughts about Chelsea and her changes in eating and working out.

It never occurred to me that Chelsea was becoming slightly overweight. Seeing her before and after picture was mind-blowing. You can really tell that she lost weight by looking at her face and arms. She used to drink Diet Dr. Pepper every day. I haven't seen a Diet Dr. Pepper bottle in the fridge for a long time. At first I was upset that Chelsea was starting a diet because that meant she would longer be cooking for me. One day Chelsea asked me if I wanted to try her healthy yogurt. It was made with plain Greek yogurt, honey, almonds, and raspberries. I was skeptical about it but after I tried it I was so surprised. Also trying Luna protein bars was weird. I actually really liked them. I realized that eating healthier might not be too hard. When school ended she would pick me up and then we would go to the Y. While she ran on the treadmill or lifted weights I sometimes would swim. If she couldn't work out after work she would wake up at 4 AM and work out from 5 to 6 AM. Then get ready and go to work. After seeing her happier I began to look up to her more than I already did. I couldn't understand how she could let go of sweets and pop. Now seeing her like this I understand that it was all worth it for her. 

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