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Monday, May 13, 2013

Breakfast {Strawberries + Yogurt}

I'm figuring out that I'm truly not a huge fan of yogurt.  I've never liked it. Before January, I would never have wanted to grab it for a snack.  I think it's a texture thing. I don't chew it to eat it, so it's weird to me.  I started FitOrbit and I ate Greek yogurt for breakfast or a snack often. I really liked it with fresh fruit and nuts. I still do, I guess, but I find myself not excited when a yogurt-based snack is suggested on my meal plan.  I'm still on training wheels when it comes to food, but I can start to think about which foods will become my routine. I just need to decide whether or not Greek yogurt has enough nutritional benefit to keep it in the mix.

What I really liked about this combination is the {strawberry + pistachio}! How yummy is that?! When I mixed up the strawberries, pistachios, and flaxseed, I hardly noticed the yogurt. This might be the way to go. NOTE: I only used 1/2 cup of yogurt as part of the taste strategy.

Clean Eating Magazine April/May 2013

From the pantry:
Greek yogurt, pistachios, ground flaxseed

Bought for recipe:

Strawberries + Yogurt

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