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Friday, May 31, 2013

Food {Friday}

If you want any recipes and/or portion sizes, comment below! And no, there was no measuring involved in the making of Snack #2!

Breakfast {Cereal + Blueberries}

Snack {3 Figs + String Cheese}

Lunch {1 Salmon-Artichoke Stuffed Portobello Mushroom + Peach + Crackers}

Snack {Ice Cream + PB2 + 5 9 Graham Crackers + Chocolate}
If you read my workout post today, you know that I don't feel too great today. I'm on my period AND I've been off-and-on extremely nauseous. (I thought about not posting about the red rain, but I figured that you would understand my cheat snack more if I just told you.) I was supposed to have carrots, cucumbers, and hummus for a snack.  Now, that's all fine and dandy....if you aren't well, you know. I wanted a cheater cheater pumpkin eater meal. Now, some of you will read this and think, OMG, that's her "cheat" meal?!?! I could teach this girl a thing or two about cheating!! (Hello, Jen!) But I have to say the ice cream was "natural" Breyer's light vanilla, some PB2 (not clean, but fat/oil reduced), some organic graham crackers, and some 70% cacao chocolate. It was just as satisfying as the naughty version of the same ingredients. I simply don't have anything naughtier in my house. Actually, Colby and Alex have a HUGE stash of chocolates (Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, etc.) from the last week of school. I just don't touch it. So, I cheated with the ice cream. It was exactly what I needed. Moving on.  Oh, I guess I should mention that I had 4 more of those grahams after my bowl. Don't worry, I put a stop to it after that. :)

Dinner {Lemon Chicken + Spinach + Bulgur}

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