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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Food {Saturday}

I prepared all of this on Friday night. I was headed to Kansas City at 6am to umpire 8 softball games from 8:30am-10:00pm. I really love taking my own food on days like Saturday. I used to eat a huge McDonald's breakfast in anticipation that I wouldn't have another opportunity for food until my break 7 hours later.  Then, I would got on break and hit BackYard Burger SO HARD. My favorite order: 1/3 pound BackYard Burger, seasoned fries, a Diet Dr. Pepper, and blackberry cobbler with ice cream. I would look forward to that meal like you wouldn't believe. Then, full as a tick, I would head back to the ball field and work for 7 more hours.  At 10pm I would roll through whatever is open (McDonad's, usually) and order a McDouble, chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce, and a Diet Dr. Pepper.  Before you get grossed out, please understand that umpiring is hell on your body. It's a full day of standing with walking, short sprints, and half squats mixed in. For 14 hours. It's no joke. I would go to those places not to be a slob but because I felt completely depleted and a huge meal wouldn't kill me.

Anyway, umpiring with health in mind is a while different ball game (pun intended). I never thought it would work. Of course, I was wrong. I packed an ice chest wirh 3 meals and 2 snacks and off I went!  Here is my food for Saturday.

Breakfast {Turkey Egg Scramble} eaten at home

Snack {Cottage Cheese + Honey} eaten between games

Lunch {3 Organic Waffles + Almond Butter + Banana} eaten at Panera with an Acai berry iced tea-my fav

Waffles + Almond Butter +Banana

Panera's Acai Berry Tea

Snack {4 Organic Graham Crackers + 10 Grapes}

Dinner {Almond Butter & Jam Sandwich}

AB & J Sandwich

Snack {2 oz Whole Grain Tortilla Chips}

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