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Monday, May 13, 2013

My Trip to Whole Foods Market

After 5 months of FitOrbit/Clean Eating, I realize that there are foods in my pantry that I don't even touch now. And, there are foods that I've added that I eat all the time now. My staples have changed. I've been keeping a list of these "clean" staples on my phone. I look for them sometimes at Dillon's, but I knew that I wanted to poke around Whole Foods in Kansas City at some point. I've walked through Whole Foods before. That was back before I really knew anything about natural foods. I remember just walking around thinking how gourmet everything seemed. Fancy chips. Fancy cereal. Fancy milks. What in the eff would I do with any of that??

Well, the day finally came. I actually had my list of food for my Tuesday/Wednesday meals on my phone. I got most of what I needed at the KC Farmers Market. So, I just wanted to look around for my remaining items and see what I noticed.

I realized that Dillon's actually has a nice selection. They carry many Amy's brand soups, Kashi cereal, and lots of healthy bars (Clif, Larabar, Think Thin, etc.). Whole Foods just has so many more options. They have an entire cereal aisle of every natural cereal out there. Kind of cool if you are looking for a change or for a flavor Topeka doesn't have.

You can judge me. I spent $87.23. I wanted stuff. This is what I bought:
Rice vinegar
Grapeseed oil
Canned lentils (for Mom)
Black rice
Goji berries
Whole wheat pastas (variety of noodle types)
Whole wheat pastry flour
Almond butter squeezes
Ricotta cheese
Cottage cheese
Chia seeds

Whole Foods Market Receipt

My Cart

The takeaway is this: It's a fun store to go into if I'm looking for more options for cereal, protein powder, nut butters, etc. Also, I like that I now speak the organic language. That's basically what it feels like. I walk in there now and I know what my staples are and I know what meals/combinations I can make with the ingredients.  Feels great. I want to check out Trader Joe's next!


  1. Trader Joe's is a gas station compared to Whole Foods. Might be a few cents cheaper...but they don't have a whole lot of options. (my opinion)

  2. I'll have to check it out! I hear they have a lot of clean options.