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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Food {Monday}

If you would like any recipes, comment below and I'll post it!

A small update: It's summer time at our house. Colby and I are both teachers, so we are off for 2 months.  I explained to Colby and Alex that I will continue to eat clean. I will also continue to eat 5 meals per day. In a perfect world, Colby and Alex will eat everything with me and I can resume my roles as the doting wife/mother and feed my family.  However, that's not reality because they won't want everything on my meal plan and I'm not going to force it on them. So, I am still only looking at 2 days at a time, so I include them in my meal planning. I go through each meal and snack and ask them if they want it. They tell me yes or no and I will buy the food and make it for them.  If they don't want a meal on my plan, that means they can do their own thing.  Today was the first day of this. They both don't like cottage cheese (crazy!), so I was on my own for breakfast. Alex and I had the first snack together. We all ate the lunch. We all ate the second snack and we all ate the dinner. Today's meals were very family friendly! :)

Breakfast {Cottage Cheese + Apple + Granola}
I would have never thought to put this together. I also never would have thought to microwave it for 15 seconds. This breakfast was SO good! I love the crunchy granola with the smooth cottage cheese.

Snack {Kefir + Carrots}
I'm not sure what kefir is. I looked for it at Dillon's, but all I could find was a pre-made kefir shake. So, I'm having that.

Lunch {Cuban Halibut + Black Bean and Orange Quinoa}
This. is. amazing. I love citrus with meat.  Colby & Alex loved it too!

Snack {Sweet & Savory Tart with Chicken Apple Filling + Orange}
The tart is leftover from a big batch I did last week. Alex and Colby ate one too. They LOVE it!

Dinner {Italian Sausage Pasta}
Sausage in pasta is always a big win in this house. Colby & Alex ate this one with me too!


  1. Now that summer has arrived, I am going to adopt your shop two days at a time method. :) I'm hoping it will cut down on the amount of produce I have to discard at the end of the week.

  2. Lindsey, sounds great! It's the only way I can function! We need to hit the Farmer's Market together this summer too!