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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Workout {Yoga}

Sometimes, it's nice to have someone else tell you what to do. That's what I wanted and that's what made me think of yoga. We have a yoga-only studio here in Topeka that just opened this past winter called Lava Yoga. I have some friends who absolutely love it. I went to a "Lava Hot Flow" session back in February (I think) and I went to a "Powerflow" session also. Last night, I looked at their schedule online and it's perfect because they have a class from 6-7am. The session is "Lava Warm Flow."  Below is a class description:

Lava Warm Yoga will take basic yoga postures and make it flow! This is fun and energetic yoga practice, with the room heated to 80 degrees, allowing your muscles to stretch deeper and prevent injuries. This class is designed to reduce stress, increase flexibility and balance. All levels-Beginners Welcome! Class length is 60 minutes.
Source: Lava Yoga
It was a nice easy workout. So easy, I wonder if I should look for a more difficult class next time. I did really enjoy the full-body balance, stretching, and mental relaxation. In a perfect world, I would do a session once a week, but it's $15 per class. I value my gym membership more.  This might have to be a once-a-month treat!

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  1. Yes, come to hot yoga next month. Much more challenging, but also a lot hotter.