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Friday, May 17, 2013

Food {Friday}

I'm consolidating food posts from now on to capture an entire day in one post. This meal plan is loosely based on Clean Eating magazine's spring menu discussed in yesterday's post. I have been eating and forgetting to take pictures! So, I'll list my meals and add pics that I took.

Breakfast {Oatmeal + Jam + Nuts}
This breakfast was SO YUMMY! The oatmeal is plain and the organic blackberry jam provided the flavor. This is the way to go, people!

Snack {4 Organic Graham Crackers + 10 Grapes}
I love these graham crackers!!! Paired with grapes is genius.
Snack {Graham Crackers + Grapes}

Lunch {Chicken + Sweet Potatoes + Carrots}

Snack {Strawberries + Mango + Seeds}

Cheat {Kashi Cereal}
I've been eating my planned snack too early. I've been eating it around 1:30. That leaves me STARVING at about 3:30. I've been having a cheat snack. This is the second day. I think I'm okay because I work out and can afford to have more calories. I'm still feeling out this trend. I need to decide whether to continue this pattern and have cheat snacks as desired OR should I beef up my afternoon snack to avoid the hunger? We'll see.

Dinner {Spinach Egg Scramble on English Muffin}
I love this meal. So easy to throw together. I've wanted it two nights in a row!
Dinner {Spinach Egg Scramble on English Muffin}

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