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Friday, May 31, 2013

Workout {Combination + Cardio}

I had to champ up this morning. I woke up feeling like I couldn't have a good workout. Let's just say I popped some Midol and got my ass in the car. I had a plan to run a hard mile in each circuit, but I knew I wasn't feeling up to it. So, I modified this plan to have a 10 minute walk on an incline. My heart rate was up. I was sweating. It did the job.  My exercises were chosen to hit all areas: arms, back, legs, abs.

The Workout
10 minute walk (warm-up)
Lateral raises (20 reps; 8 lbs)
Upright rows (12 reps; 40 lbs)
Bicep curls (20 reps; 10 lbs)
Lat pulldowns (20 reps; 30 lbs)
Walk 10 mintues at 5.0 incline
Sumo squats (20 reps; 20 lbs)
Lunges with leg lift (20 reps; 10 lbs)
Hip lift (20 reps)
Plank (1 minute)
Crunches (20 reps)
Reverse Crunches (20 reps)


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