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Monday, May 6, 2013

Lunch {Mini Steak & Blue Cheese Pizzas}

Clean Eating Magazine April/May 2013

This recipe is much more involved than the others. It asks me to turn to Page 83 in Clean Eating Magazine for the recipe.

Clean Eating Magazine April/May 2013
Then, once I'm there, the recipe calls for me to make some whole wheat pizza dough from scratch. Eyelids at half-mast, WHAT?!  Of course, if you know me, you know what I'm going to tell you next.

I did it.

I do love that Page 83 tells you exactly where to find a recipe on their website. You can find it here. So, I spent a few hours preparing my first "clean" pizza dough. I've never made pizza dough before. A large part of the motivation here, people, is that those Steak & Blue Cheese Pizzas look goooooood.

From the pantry:
Honey, sea salt, whole wheat flour, active yeast, olive oil
Note: I recently switched out my while flour for whole wheat.

Bought for recipe:
vital wheat gluten (still don't know what that is)

Dough Ingredients

Unbaked Dough

Done Dough {Alliteration}

Swear to God it was actually easy and they turned out great! So cute, right?!  This is only half of the dough. I froze the other half.  Also, one serving is two Mini Pizzas. Hubby gets to have a serving. The meal is repeated as leftovers on Tuesday.  Now, back to the original recipe.

From the pantry:
Pepper, sea salt, olive oil spray, balsamic vinegar

Bought for recipe:
Arugula, blue cheese, steak, onion


It's About to Come Together

This smelled amazing. That balsamic vinegar reduced down into a syrup. The onions & steak were sizziling.  It's just so interesting how my portion sizes have simply changed. I get a small bit of steak and small sprinkles of cheese.  And really, there is no need to gorge myself on these pizzas. The flavor is huge. Both pizzas make up a nice serving size. No Chelseas will go hungry by eating this meal.

Mini Steak & Blue Cheese Pizzas

Daily Nutrition Values

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