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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Breakfast {Strawberry Smoothie with Toast}

I've been so excited for this breakfast. FitOrbit's meal plans worked like a CHARM (more on that later), but they became monotonous.  For the maintenance phase, I plan to use Clean Eating magazine and its two week meal plans. This breakfast is from Clean Eating April/May 2013.

Nook Magazine
The Recipe:

Clean Eating April/May 2013

Ingredients from the pantry:
Unsweetened Almond Milk

Ground Flaxseed
{CLEAN} Bread
Cashew Butter {meant to buy almond butter. oops!}
 Ingredients bought fresh:
Firm tofu

In the works:
Strawberry Smoothie with Toast
This smoothie was very good! It made a LOT, so I felt very satisfied. I like that I got to eat crunchy toast. I am not a fan of just drinking my meals. I will say if you are someone who is used to having sugary or sweetened food, this will taste bland. However, I've been eating natural, unsweetened food for 18 weeks and so this tasted awesome!

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