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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lunch {Turkey & Cucumber Pita}

If you know me at all, you know that I hate cucumbers (or "cucs," pronounced: kyouks as I like to call them).  However, lunch called for this recipe:

Clean Eating magazine April/May 2012

From the pantry:
Mustard, baby spring mix, whole wheat pita pocket bread

Bought fresh:
Cucumber, black pepper turkey

Today is Saturday. When I went grocery shopping on Thursday, I made the executive decision to buck up and try the cucs.  I've always complained about them. I've always opted out, but if the past 4 months have taught me anything, it's that there are many many foods that I have not experienced, but have ended up loving.  SO, this pita is stuffed with cucs.
I was at a friend's house (Hi, Candice!) and she served me up right with some unsweetened iced tea.  This lunch was seriously satisfying and I really enjoyed the black pepper turkey.  YumTown!
Turkey & Cucumber Pita


  1. you love cucs now... it's a big day #myboylovesthecucs

  2. looks so good... Jealous, but will be saving this for future reference ;)

  3. Which trainer did you use for fitorbit? Were the meals the same a lot?

    1. I used Jacqueline. She is a trainer within the Jackie Warner FitOrbit program. Yes, the meals were sometimes monotonous. Sometimes that was appreciated because if I bought a cantaloupe, I could use it all. Sometimes it was bothersome, so you can just swap the meal for another. You could even upload your own meals. I am just the type to do exactly what is prescribed because I want guaranteed results. I figured that the food was given to me for a reason. But that's just me! Hope that makes sense!